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Charcuterie Boards


We are currently manufacturing 3 styles of Charcuterie Board

(But if you have a design style that you would want us to make for you, just give us a call).


Have you ever tried to serve round fruits or vegetables on a Charcuterie Board and found them rolling off the board?  Well our sunken serving area addresses this problem.  This design will keep them contained and not falling off the board.  In addition we have added a sunken bowl for your favorite ranch dressing or other condiments.

We have also added an engraving of a mountain.  This engraving can be changed to fit you personality.

Pricing on this product is $55.00

Price includes engraving


This board is manufacture using a variety of different hardwoods.  The board measures 5" X 17" and includes a leather strap.

Pricing is $40.00

Engraving is available on this product at no additional cost.


The Charcuterie Board is our most economical board.  Designed for everyday use.  This board measures 5" X 22" and is made using Cedar Wood.  Engraving is available on this item.

Pricing is $15.00

Engraving is available upon request at no additional cost.

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